re-writing the present

morning cool air
(that morning-after-a-storm-when-the-heat-broke
negative ions kindof feeling, like being at the ocean)
accompanied by the scent of woodsmoke
drifting in across the courtyard


mica arrives in her teal shirt
bearing gifts of
my light blue raincoat
and a bundle of blush-orange apricots
from the tree she’s been guarding from the raccoons
by camping underneath it at night


wordies alline calls us
which is exactly right
especially when we all agree
that clink is always a good word


are you this frankie
dani asks, pointing at the dear beloveds zine on the mantle
it’s my favorite writing, d says
i read it now and then
and every time i do
it makes me cry


breakfast one:
cherry almond muffins
in brown cupcake wrappersbreakfast two:
alline’s cheesy scrambled egg
with a side of tomato wedges and
a berry muffin
kurt calls it a happy breakfast
because of the bright colors


a slice of date-nut bread
on a small ceramic plate
carried upstairs
and placed on desk


at first i call it re-writing history
but it’s more like re-writing the present:
the victory take-back-the-road ride
on the same gravel that pitched me over my handlebars
fourteen years ago

besides my legs and feet
pushing the pedals,
rachel’s patience
and encouragement
is what gets me there

once we reach the pavement
that open sky
my reward

photo 1

photo 4


i ask emory
if there were a sandhill newspaper
written during the week i’ve been gone
what stories would be in it
and he says things about
growing vegetables for a restaurant that’s starting
and a bad patch of poison ivy on his knee


emory’s bed of exploded-open sunflowers
and three foot high zinnias
he shows me the special pink one
(extra fluffy)
and i show him how easy it is
to remove a zillion seeds from a dead marigold flower


have a cupcake alline offers
of the black bottom baked goods
made yesterday
upon my mercantile post-potluck return


from the water world:

An Indian farmer looks at the sky on the outskirts of Ahmadabad.  – voice of america, day in photos

A man rides his cart down a flooded street in Asuncion, Paraguay.
Picture: NORBERTO DUARTE/AFP/Getty Images

New England cranberry farmer Adrienne Mollor arranges a rose shaped floating display full of cranberries at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London.
Picture: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images



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