you can’t let your sequins do the work for you

morning-greeted by
lydia and alline’s
french accents
(lydia with a pot of english breakfast tea
on the table in front of her)


the greatness
of starting a day
(after yoga with jason)
at a table of writers
passing around magazine scrap prompts
and reading from their
sometimes-illegible notebooks


breakfast one:
blueberry tea
(for the aroma, as mica said)
and 1 and 1/2 blueberry walnut muffins
breakfast two:
bowl of alline’s granola
(with coconut and almonds)
with half a nectarine and
half a banana sliced in


staccato rain sounds on
corrugated metal roof
out the writing desk window
accompanied by an occasional
thunder rumble or
glint of lightning to the northwest

you can’t let your sequins
do the work for you
i say as the mean judge
for the drag portion
of america’s next drag chef builder idol competition

performance list includes:
love today
ice ice baby
i fink you freaky
sweet transvestite

(and when i say drag competition
i mean a room filled with
doubled over laughter
and a kind of brightness that could only be called
we know how to make and have a
glinting good time)we did this rachel turns to me
from her judge’s chair
we made this happen


i yell at the disc
that i fumbled and dropped
it’s ok tony says from teh sidelines
no it’s not i say
not now
not today
(implying: not after red shorts from my own team
a few tosses earlier
almost plowed into me
going after my disc)


i’m older than you think i say
at the dinner table
with a raised brow
when my dancing rabbit intern of 2000 status
is revealed


rigrun is the word i choose
from the oxford english dictionary
for the next round of
the dictionary game


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