sunset is firework enough

i’m always writing things in my head alline says
and then they disappear


it’s my pre-drag outfit
irene says

about the turquoise tee and
white/black patterned leggings


i don’t want to be poor
he says on the porch
lifting last night’s pizza to his mouth


underneath a glass dome lid
a sideways slice of chocolate cake
and berry tarts with scalloped crust


bike grease on knuckles and knees
the smell of keeping metal happy


composing multiple choice analogies
because i want to say
damming a river is
like catting a limb off
and open pit mining is like
casting a flesh-eating-disease curse
on the skin of the earth
without saying it


mae and althea
curled on the dock
observing the gigantic snapping turtle
snacking at the shore


not swallowing, diving i joke
about the bird i saw pond-diving
that rachel guessed was a swallow


sunset is firework enough i say
facing west where sky is molten near the horizon
and purple/pink/cloud-painted above that
glitter and pyrotechnics (small scale/home-bought)
in the background


under the branches of the osage orange
watching mist rise and roll across
the water
(mirror surface)


from the water world:

Katie Bender gets some assistance from Johanna Bender (L) as they dump water from a boot while sitting on a flooded street after Hurricane Arthur passed through in Manteo, N.C.
– voice of america, day in photos

Men use plastic sheets to protect themselves from the rain while sitting under a tree in New Delhi
Men use plastic sheets to protect themselves from the rain while sitting under a tree in New Delhi, India.
REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee

Screen shot 2014-07-04 at 9.57.38 PM
Rescue workers in Honduras have been trying to free 11 men trapped in a small gold mine 110km (70 miles) south of the capital, Tegucigalpa. Here people shelter from rain at the site
. – bbc, day in pictures


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