migrating islands

gibbus and wizard (cats) scuffling
in the summer squash
while the prickly limbs
scratch the backs of my calves


the green squish of cabbage looper worms
between my fingers
while i methodically work my way
down one row of collards
plucking the bottom-most leaves
and selecting from there
which ones to process and which ones
to toss


sound of collard leaves
rubbing/crunching against each other
near my ear while i carry piles of them
over my shoulder to water-bottom buckets
in the garden cart


alline outside the mercantile
clipping flowers that line the west wall
monarda she references to the purple puff of a bloom
(bee balm)


walk-in cooler snack stop-off
a bite at a time of
darien-made energy/snack bars
(toasted seeds, raisins, cocoa, sorghum, coconut oil, etc)


smell of mustard seeds and cumin
sauteing on stovetop
to the sound of tuneyards
funneling in the
one-speaker (other speaker’s not working) system


when i lived in san diego i say
i had a constant low grade (in terms of urgency)
awareness of the severe lack of
freshwater sources
and if i lived on the edge of a body of water
it would be the same constant low grade awareness
about how the body of water
could swell up and carry everything away


mica talking about migrating islands on the atlantic coast
how the sand from one end is washed away
and the sand on the other builds up
so that when one goes past
they can see where entire houses
have fallen in


10something pm i flip off the light
and fan to catch the thunder and lightning


from the water world:

Water gushes from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir on the Yellow River during a sand-washing operation in Jiyuan, Henan province. Picture: REUTERS/China Daily

Fishermen from Ly Son island release fishing boat models with artificial soldiers into the water during a re-enactment of the Khao Le The Linh ceremony at a Vietnam Cultural village in Dong Mo, outside Hanoi.
Picture: REUTERS/Kham


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