siege of snack-making

flush of chicory and daylilies
blooming on the berm
lavender color against a sea of orange petals open


how i need something (leaves)
between me and the colorado potato beetles i squish to kill
talking with darien in north garden
he says he finds it easier to stomp them

i mention
those operating drones in the middle east
from behind a computer screen
in a room in a building
which is nothing like the desert the climate the land the nieghborhood
they unload explosives onto

the levels of separation built in
between the killing
and death


three inches apart the package says
so i draw a furrow
down the bed
with the furrowing hoe
and drop the edamame seeds
(roundest and pale-greenest of seeds)in estimating the inches between


three shot glasses on kitchen table
a strawberry kombucha sample in each
(made with the season’s last strawberries mashed)


talk of death and coffins over dinner
(juevos rancheros, corn bread, refried beans, roasted tomatillo salsa and salad greens)
spurred by joseph’s noticing of how (and wondering why)
obituaries rarely state the cause
and mica says if i die
you can include the cause of death in my obituary

and then
the tears in mica’s eyes
when i mention re-reading tamar’s last few blog entries this morning
we should go and have a tea party i say
at her grave
that sounds like a great idea says mica, necklace of blue stone glinting


metallica/iron maiden playlist
with a little apocalyptica on the side
soundtrack to our post-dinner kitchen siege of snack-making
in preparation for tomorrow’s float trip
down the des moines river

(mica rolling out rustic crackers on the butcher block
[sunflower seeds, dried tomatoes, garlic, basil]
darien toasting oats and seeds in three cast irons on the stove
for energy bars
and me at the cuisinart
blending carrots, tahini, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic
out of spring carrots yielding josh volk’s carrot butter

and after a while we can’t take it anymore
so we end on the trooper
which is all about one good riff

and then i go into that al jazeera feature about
music used to torture detainees at guantanamo
(how the military used heavy metal but also innocuous things like
the sesame street theme song
how a.j. interviews soldiers about what they listened to
while in their tanks
they shouldn’t be able to do that darien syas
the music can make them feel happy
and full of rage (to kill)


the face i make at mica across the butcher block
out of double-confoudedness
over why we wouln’t bring a second oar/paddle
for our canoe


remembering yesterday
when six-year-old emory asked at lunch
about the ladder of scars on my thigh
i don’t recommend it i say
did it hurt he asks not too much i respond
just enough to feel good joseph chimes in
it’s like these i point to the star-brand scars
but how did you do it emory asks
what did you use? something sharp i say
like what he asks
a blade, i say, a razor blade

from the water world:

A woman and her dog ride in a rickshaw through floodwaters in Gauhati, India. Several people have been killed due to electrocution and landslides triggered by incessant rains in India’s northeastern state of Assam.
– voice of america, day in photos

Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 12.17.13 AM
A woman carries water to spray on to vegetable plants in Samroang Tiev on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
– bbc, day in pictures

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