almost a glowing

in the dream
i don’t remember now if it was my sister or her husband
but one of them died
and the other had painted themselves
with face paint of grief
(maroon stripes across face and neck)

morning wakeup i rollover
to the poem on page 40
which is almost like rolling over
to a lover


red norland trish says
when i ask what variety of early potato
we are about to harvest
digging forks in our hands
hoes in the garden cart
5 gallon buckets at our sides
and the bright fuschia beauty of that
new tender skin revealing itself
almost a glowing
against the black of sandclay soil


fresh whipped cream
and a bowl of just-picked black raspberries
on the butcher block after lunch
(which i drizzle in a teacup with maple)


putting the rock back in brockelle
i say as she pulls up into the parking spot
and it is not long after that
that she’s sitting there in her green/blue dress
on the front porch telling us about
the night goat pickup
that involved a mini-van
and building a crate for it
in the middle of the woods
with headlamps


mica and i put an ice-cream trip
(soft serve, three miles away)
on our after-lunch to-do lists
(strategically placed at 3:30 pm
so motivating towards the things to do
becomes easier)


sara and i talk tomatoes
on la casa’s back porch
(yellow oblong with red stripes
or the slicer so hefty
one slice is the size of a sandwich
names i can’t remember)


i lean over to mica
(on our beanbags/camping chair setups
in the front row)
pointing to mark’s djembe
during a song about clean seeds and bodies and say
i dare you to play that drum
(which mark rocked out on
a few songs earlier)
to which she replies
i double dog dare you


i say see you later to jennifer
who was born in switzerland and
lives in germany (soon to return there)
and the possibility that we might
actually see each other again
doesn’t seem to far off


back-of-truck ride back
under night sky
lightning bugs going off and
the metal rattle of the tailgate
while we roll over gravel
has us nearly shouting back and forth
at each other
loud laughter carried in our dust-cloud wake


aleppo, i have seen so many photos of you like this
over the past few years
it’s difficult to believe
that there is still anything left to destroy

skeleton city
rubble capital of the world
a study in ash grey (official color of
the process of rubbling)

Destruction is seen following a reported barrel-bomb attack by Syrian government forces in the northern city of Aleppo. – voice of america, day in photos


from the water world:

A Muslim boy reacts as he takes part in a special prayer for better rainfall, in Mumbai, India.
–  voice of america, day in photos

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 8.26.56 AM
A man takes advantage of the heavy rain to give his Siberian husky a bath outside their house in Paranaque city, Manila.
– bbc, day in pictures




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