to locate the fruits

buildings and bridges lyrics in my head
are made to bend in the wind while i
arc black currant bush branches
to locate the fruits
berries splashed in sun so i can see
which ones are dark enough to pluck
and which ones still have some ripening to do
remembering cassis
flavor of vancouver / quebec
the building and the unravelling


8am dew still on
the field we toss
discs before we line
up in sixes
on opposite ends
(i end up catching about as many
as i end up not catching)

backfloating in the pond
this is the prize i think
skystaring in cool (but not too cold) water
sun on my skin


metallic clink/clunking
ice cubes in thermos
filled with stawberry black raspberry fruit beer (water kefir) soda


i cheer the water kefir with a song
that i don’t recall
but darien adds a verse/chorus
wherein he rhymes quota with soda


sun so hot
the pads of my feet burn
on the black sandal foot-beds
heat sneaking in, scorchy
wherever toes and heel aren’t


multi-stamped envelope
from michigan
with tc tolbert’s book gephyromania
sealed inside


she’s a writer joseph says
in that cocky silly way that i sometimes do
after i do something with words
that’s not even that impressive
but still some kind of funny/witty
(what if you were always in the background
or standing next to me
just so you could chime in and say that
every time i make a pun or a rhyme or
something witty with words i joke
laughing at the image)


tell all the queers i say hi i joke with trish
(who’s headed to queerbomb in st louis this weekend)
while i empty the ice cubes
frozen strawberries
a little bit of cream
and water
into the food processor
as the blender has gone missing
(which is kindof a joke
but also a wistful missing)


booty summer i call it (bring it on)
booty life trish proposes
laughing about auto tune and justin timberlake
and that song trish’s neighbor’s would always crank
(you a bad bitch, you a bad bitch)
which reminds me of living next to dee
who owned a’s towing
(called a’s towing, becuase it would be the first name
to show up in the phone book)
and had a car alarm that ran through a succession of sounds
that would go off everytime the car was looked at
or everytime a cat landed on its hood
and the story about shiz
running over
to open the tow truck door
to turn down the music
that had been throbbing audiencelessly
for what felt like hours
the magic and story of a portland dead-end porch
lined with couches
circa 2006


from the water world:

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 5.27.28 PM
A man wades out to help a driver in a partially submerged car in Fort Worth, Texas, following heavy rain.
– bbc news, day in pictures

An Israeli firefighter douses houses as he works to extinguish a forest fire in Jerusalem
. Picture: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun



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