sunset junkie

tiny blue bird in green-leafed branch outside my window
i guess indigo bunting
8 something a.m.

snow and snaps together i say
lifting darien’s harvest bucket
in the pea beds
(darien who is armored in two layers of shirts
against the droves of mosquitoes)

kneeling in the peppers
cloaked in the scent of bug repellant
i ask the name of the weed
that reminds me of the
houseplant named wandering jew
smart weed trish says
and darien holds up two different varieties of it


this is where that plus one comes in handy
darien says reaching to shove peppermint oil-soaked fabric
into the gaps in the ceiling and along the window frame
to keep the mice away


alline’s fluffy coconut cake
(white cake with white sweet frosting
with white shavings of coconut )
on a small white plate


what is said about the white kitten
that arrived several days ago
and could fit in a tea cup
and who constantly needs to be held
by someone: too young


rachel, mica, alyson, zoe, maikwe and i
gathered around  sunset
(highway to heaven style
only with bright pinks and oranges
alyson says it looks like a gondola
going under a bridge in a venice canal)
not far from the ultimate field and pond path
thunderhead clouds alyson says
and when i try to say cumulonimbus
i mispronounce it as cumunimbulous
which sounds hilarious as soon as i say it

which means we are all laughing
(the kind of laughter that feeds itself
into becoming more laughter)
and i am doubled over with it
especially when someone says it sounds
like cunnilingus followed by a
mention of fellatio


i’m a sunset junkie
i say on the quick-as-we-can
(to move through the mosquitoes)
walk back down main street


zoe on mouth trumpet
emory beat boxing
while mica and i sing
goodnight irene while we
roll up the gravel hill west
into fucked-up-good sunset orange


arriving home
peppermint smell wafts
through upstairs karma


unnamed phenomenon: the feeling of encountering an old photo of yourself
that, as far as you can remember, you’ve never seen before
something like creating a new 20-year-old memory


from the water world:

A man douses a motorist with water, during St. John the Baptist Feast Day celebrations in San Juan city, metro Manila.
Picture: REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 8.13.13 AM
Syrians tackle a blaze caused by what activists said was an air strike by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, in Maaret al-Naaman, Idlib
. – bbc, day in pictures

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 8.14.46 AMwa
Children in the Philippines are hosed down by firefighters ahead of celebrations of the feast day of Saint John the Baptist in Manila.
– bbc, day in pictures



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