to stand under storm

have you started bleeding yet
my mom did
emory the six year old asks
(between james brown dance-a-thon and
building a space explorer)
in the same way he would ask
did you eat breakfast yet or
have you flown in an airplane before
which is one of the remarkable things
about my life at sandhill farm
in northeast missouri


emory shoving a dead lightning bug
into the tadpole-turning-frog’s mouth
while i tell him he should just leave it
floating in the water
for the tadpole to choose to eat


cookshift soundtrack:
rye rye
thao and mirah


farmer’s cheese part deux
this time with lemon juice instead of
apple cider vinegar


in between cook duties i step outside to stand
under the storm
as it whips in from the west
(wind moving in a ripple)
clouds carried quickly
across each other


while darien explains the rating system
(also known as the ape index)
regarding climbing and
the proportions of body height to
arm span
mica busts out the measuring tape to discover
mica and i are +1
darien is +1 1/2emory is 0 and
trish is -1


we could color them in i offer
one approach to remedying the
leaves-turned-lace (by bug damage)
of the eggplant crop


darien laughing about
how he used to be scared of the sky
because it was too big
especially on a clear day


three trays of chocolate chewies
(trish’s dad’s cookie recipe)
on the butcher block
with a spatula for scrape-lifting
the flattened-out sweets off the pan


the clouds are amazing right now
i report to the porch crew
before heading out
despite mosqitoes
to the bend about a 1/2 mile down the road
where the woods open up to a skyview




i wish for a screened-in treehouse
with a 360 degree view

mosquitoes chase mica off halfway there

a sky of black creeping in from the southwest while
the afternoon storm after-glow radiates in from the northwest

same as last sunset walk:
a deer and i face off on the rock road
until i get too close and she hops (white tail bouncing)
into the ditch and bounds/leaps away


from the water world:

A man is trapped on a mud-covered road in Longhui county of Shaoyang, central China’s Hunan province, after strong rainfall hit the area triggering landslides. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Rising floodwater covers the promenade in Lanxi, Zhejiang province after heavy rainfall. Severe rainstorms in southern China have left at least 26 dead and three others missing. The Ministry of Civil Affairs says 4.9 million people have been affected, Xinhua News Agency reported. Picture: REUTERS

People enjoy the good weather during a warm summer day on the banks of the Garonne and the place de la Bourse in Bordeaux center
People enjoy the weather during a warm summer day on the banks of the Garonne and the place de la Bourse in Bordeaux center, southwestern France. – REUTERS/Regis Duvignau


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