laughing at the black sky

may you be festooned by your own flowers
phoenix says tossing pink and scarlet 
dragon snap blossoms into the air above me
so they shower down over my head/shoulders
as we path-walk north garden
between the potatoes and eggplants


gibbus the gold/orange cat
lounging on an upside down 50 gallon drum
just under the tiny birdhouse
where baby wrens cheep and chirp
as their mama delivers beak-fulls of food


how will i know if he really loves me trish sings
in the doorway of the garden shed while i laugh and join in
how will i know if he’s thinking of me
i try the phone but i’m too shy – can’t speak
falling in love is so bitter sweet
this love is strong why do i feel weak
and take it to the break down


i’m in the back seat
with trish and emory
laughing at the black sky
pushing in from the west
(and our timing)
we’ve gotta push back i say
(so we do)
only to arrive at the cool/clear blue
waters of the just-closed 
(due to a storm 0-3 miles away)
memphis pool


emory dangling from the rafters
of the picnic shelter
kicking his legs open and closed
while hum/singing a tune
he composed just for the occasion


i like the sound emory says
after opening his car door to listen to the two
percussions of rain
(1: the big drops falling
off the shelter we’re under as
our gas tank fills)
onto rear window/trunk
2: the steady but slowing rain
falling at once
onto pavement and into the grass)


at the counter at the pharmacy
swayed by a spoonful of trish’s
reese’s pieces tiger twist (a blizzard, essentially)
i order a butterfinger tiger twist
instead of the twist cone i had set out to get


sounds like a big animal
i think to myself
of the rustling in the treeline
on my sunset walk
and then glimpse it bounding and leaping:
white tail and fur that
matches the gold/brown of the prairie

and on the return path
it first looks like a  dog standing
in the road in the distance
facing cricket and i
then a kid
then possibly a mountain lion
by the way it steps into the ditch brush
to hunt/pounce as we pass


cut and paste sunset
as seen from the clearing
down chaney road
(how the color-mix is varied
but the clouds look flat/glued on top of each other
gray pasted over pink/orange blend)


from the water world:

A fisherman casts his fishing net into the waters of a lake at Panangad, on the outskirts of the southern Indian city of Kochi.
– voice of america, day in photos

Cars pile up in the flooded area of the Black Sea town of Varna, Bulgaria where two people and a child are reported dead and four more are missing. Torrential rain caused severe flooding sweeping away cars, reducing scores of homes to rubble, the country’s civil defense authority said. – Picture: AP Photo/ImpactPressGroup





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