while we ramble

photo of an ‘antique’ postcard
hurtling digitally eastward
this one is for the lionness


for breakfast i visit the chickenyard mulberry tree
(ground-fallen fruits covered in buzzing)
and pluck until i have amassed several handfuls
fingertips purpled


sometimes i can downplay things a bit
but what i really want to do is celebrate
(this news of publication)


over lunch we weigh in on the
gordita vs. tortilla debate
i choose both i say


under afternoon sun
the grip of my hands on wooden wheelbarrow handles
while i push the load of busted cinder blocks and
concrete chunks and crumbs
plus a ragged sheet of brittle plastic
to the landfill
where it feels good to toss things in


in the midst of a whitehouse kitchen taken apart
(power-vac’ed shelves, every surface wiped
the amount of mouse shit reduced to
a minimum)
phoenix hands me half a glass of strawberry milkshake
mason jar sweating
outdoor thermometer temperature reads 92.8 degrees


at potluck picnic table
the mention of chicken pox as
possible explanations of
the pink spots on (i don’t remember his name)’s neck
and how i don’t want him to sit next to me


tony, rachel, mica and phoenix
doubled over laughing as we rotate around the ping pong table
paddles in hand
fighting dizziness and
getting good at returning the ball

what belly rachel asks
while we ramble the path
out from the pond clearing
this one i say
lifting up my shirt


having play in my life i say
not to be confused with getting some play


from the water world:

A boy cools himself in the waters of a tube well on a hot summer day at Manawala village on the outskirts of the northern Indian city of Amritsar. – voice of america, day in photos

A group of people jump from the Wooden Bridge in Clontarf, Dublin, during the fine weather.
– Picture: Brian Lawless/PA

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 3.34.00 PM
A Sri Lankan freshwater fish salesman waits for customers beside his auto-rickshaw in Colombo.
– bbc, day in pictures


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