shining on my right

while examining merits and demerits
of cleaning garden tools with a wire brush after use
vs. soaking them in water first
trish pa rum pa pum pums us and i join in
adding lyrics and verses


the sound of my breath inside my skull
in the tomato beds
while pounding two rows of t-posts
in with a driver, earplugs in


the burn of metal truck bed
under afternoon sun
against skin
cricket the dog a mix of tip-toeing
and jumping with the heat
on her paw pads


tyler pulls two trays of
swollen/braided challah out of the oven
while we oooh and ahhh and later
before dinner
sing the challah/bread song
phoenix introduces us to
and we all place our hands on it
at the same time for the blessing
before ripping a chunk off
to feed each other


rat snake is mica’s guess
about the brown considerably big (for missouri)
snake i spot resting in the grass growing up around
the east side of karma
while we maneuver ourselves under
an extension ladder taller than necessary
unleaning it from the second story


one spot of bug dope
(named and mixed [essential oils]
by phoenix’s mom)
shining on my right wrist
and rubbed in


when asked what organ of the body i am
i say lungs


ya’ll gotta come see this
tyler calls from the south end of the train bridge
where road curves into field
and when we get there:
a horizon-huge parchment moon
(full) rising (enormous)
into a thin swath of cloud

we debate theories
on why the moon appears so huge
when it’s near the horizon
(which i later discover is a phenomenon
named moon illusion)


on the walk back
moon bright and rising over
we answer essence questions and thenchoose the spice we might be
(oatmeal spice mix [cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg],


in a candle-lit room
(after two miles walking under moon
it is too much to turn a light on)
pang and spasm of an out rib
brought on by deep breaths
or moving in the wrong direction


from the water world:

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 8.14.48 AM
In Mumbai, onlookers were told to stand back as waves hit the shore near the Gateway of India. India’s meteorological department has declared the start of the country’s monsoon season. – bbc, day in pictures


Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 8.16.44 AM
In Irbil, a displaced Iraqi woman bathes her toddler at a temporary camp. An estimated 800,000 Iraqis have been forced to flee as Islamist militants took over towns.
– bbc, day in pictures


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