regardless of the briar patches

over roasted mate
a carry-over of the hammock conversation
about how we have to continue
doing what we do
(what we make, what we write)
regardless of the briar patches that snag us
along the way
we have to submit work for publication despite our critiques of how that whole process/system works, despite the wonderings of ‘if it’s even published, well, who reads poetry anyway?’
we have to submit our work as a way of honoring it, of believing in it, despite the objection to the mass production of another object (made of trees) to be introduced to the amassing collection of too many things in the world
we have to write despite the concerns that the words won’t achieve anything and despite the impossible desire to create work we won’t flinch at 10 years later
do what you always did (write) before the hurdles popped up in your path. write.
art is war av says naming the title of a book that names how we fight ourselves all along the way

but how can words be important i return to the briar patch when neighborhoods are being bombed apart in syria, and women are raped and hung in india, and children are digging through garbage heaps in india and the ______ are _______ in _______

immobilized is one word i use

harmony, eric, av and i
(fuego on the other side of the fence)
plucking mulberries
from the huge tree
whose limb hangs over the chicken yard


i’m not very good at goodbyes i tell av
upon her not-quite-leaving-yet reappearance
to grab her toasted mate and french press
and i try again by saying
it’s so nourishing
to be in your presence
while we hug hold on


harmony hands me a small bundle of still-drying sage
gathered from the arizona desert
i hand her a bag of huge kale leaves
(lacinato and winterbor)
to take to toledo (ohio) for dinner


joseph in south garden
holding the hose nozzle up to his head
to listen for water
making its way up the pipeswhile i pluck out weeds
through the mulch
in the brassica beds


that’s not code for anything darien says
after talking about putting the potatoes
in the oven


one of my favorite questions to ponder
(aloud with others) i say
is – in that meat loaf song –
(singing i would do anything for love
but i won’t do that)
what is the ‘that’ he’s referring to?


welcome to the 21st century i greet joolie
who meets me on the other side of the screen for the first time

nothing to see joolie says about ryan
cycling through kansas or some other midwestern state
i will always disagree with that
saying there’s the light (even if it is on infinite cornfields)
there’s the patches of blacktop
there’s the sky
the way the green leaves move in the breeze

from the water world:

View of a damaged bridge at the Iguacu Falls in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, following the overflowing of the Parana River
. – voice of america, day in photos

A girl, who fled from the violence in Mosul, carries a case of water at a camp on the outskirts of Arbil
A girl, who fled from the violence in Mosul, carries a case of water at a camp on the outskirts of Arbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

APTOPIX India Hot Weather
A monkey cools off in a water tub in the premises of a Hindu temple on a hot summer afternoon in Jammu, India. Severe heat conditions are prevailing across northern India with temperatures soaring past 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit) at several places. AP Photo/Channi Anand


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