the image an arrangmenet

morning wren sing-call-warbling
again and again just outside my window
big sound emitted from a tiny bird body
perched along the gutter downspout


and then
there’s sister cristina
singing that alicia key’s song

you want to count the leaves with me
i ask emory from the kale bed as i pluck
8 well-sized leaves
for each mini-farmer’s market-bound bunch
yeah emory says sitting in the black plastic harvest crate
while our sunprint paper
lays, in the process of exposing, on the bench nearby
(the image an arrangement of string,
ripped paper, rubber bands, paper clips,
an old lawnmower key)


emory and i install our gallery show
(three drawings each, altogether called:
a storm of pictures by emoriszka blaoeltz)
on the screened-in porch at lunch
images include: scary bears,
a storm known as derecho
woodgrain and butterflies


small fancy glass filled with
mica’s water kefir
(damson plum jam flavor this time)
it’s bubbles fizzing


talking with phoenix
there is a power to
the vast openness of our respective futures
(call it possibility)


bits of fiddler songs
surfacing on the ultimate field
later at the pond we postulate about
how much longer we’ll be compulsively singing them


marks on my body left by today:
1. mini-welts on my calves from
running through too-high grasses
on the ultimate field
2. bicep scratches
from the nails of the dog penny
who i sthe kind of dog that tries to save humans
when their in the water
(which i was)
unless someone throws penny a stick to swim to


sparkie hands me six squares of chocolate
(for you and your crew)
in the place where there used to be a
gigantic oak tree
and now there are hammocks and hanging chairs


singing to the sunset as i
weedpull after dinner in the brassicas
(between the brussels sprouts and cabbage)
sky pink-streaked


a spoonful sample
of fresh-cranked ice cream
(cake batter flavor)
from a tupperware in the walk-in freezer


from the water world:

A youth joins others cooling off in a canal in Lahore, Pakistan, where temperatures reached 46c (114.8f) at the weekend. Picture: K. M. CHAUDARY/AP – the telegraph


Rowers arrive in the Gran Canal as they take part in the Vogalonga, or Long Row, in the Venice lagoon, Italy. – voice of america, day in photos


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