golden light

ramiken snack post-lunch:
pecans, chocolate chips and raisins


when i walk into the kid-thrown party at lookfar
mica and darien are huddled around hank the dog
what it looks like: gathered to clip his toenails
what it really is: trying to get the fishing hooks
out of his front paw


the golden light in la casa
shining on our 40 minute adaptation
of fiddler on the roof
the best part is the light
coming from the faces in the audience
and how we break character
now and then
to laugh with them


joann, rachel’s mom (and our director)
breaking off chunks of challah
and handing a piece to each of us
after curtain call
the sweet bakedness of it
in my mouth


standing on the rock road drive
the sound of two musics
one i can identify as darien on the accordion
coming from the east through his window in karma
the other sounds like a piano coming from the west
which turns out to be trish on the banjo
on the screened-in porch


red candle brought back from cuenca, ecuador
casting light through the small waterfilled glass bottles
and throwing shadows of the dianthus/marigolds they hold
against the southern wall


moon with fast moving patches of cloud
(feathery) moving over it
and a star placed like a beauty mark
just above and to the right



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