the first darkness

my knees on the
newly poured foundation
of the cistern
trowel and hawk in my hands
pointed little trowl (PLT, as darien calls it
and i make a joke about rewriting the PYT -pretty young thing- michael jackson song)
for covering the bottom of the wall where it meets the foundation

texture of the glass shreds
(something between bean thread pasta and fake spiderwebs)
while i incorporate them into the
portland cement/lime/stearate/salt water mix
moving gray slurry around
with a hoe
above the cistern

mica and i stop in at the merc
(i usually don’t do this says mica
neither do i i say up the steps
opening the screen door)
at the counter, we split a brownie
and mango spritzer
and snack on sesame sticks
from a little porcelain dish


before the storm sweeps in
i stand under sky between the whitehouse
and the orchard/greenhouse
watch the cloudbillows swiftly drift
and the purple/white lightning spiderwebbing above me


rachel’s dad talking about
two different types of lightning
(cloud-to-cloud or cloud/sky-to-ground)


just before the fourth round of dictionary
we pause on the front porch
and turn off the lights
to watch the lightning show
illuminating the clouds in all directions


tyler’s four trays of granola cooling on the butcher block
a ramiken of it – still oven-warm
in my palm while i stand at the back porch screen door
(spray seeping in)
to watch the one continuous gust
sweep across the yard
rain and wind embodying chaos


when the storm is full on
a wall of rain
and a lit-up sky
strange when the lightning stops
for a few seconds
the first darkenss
in 45 minutes


two buckets
(one steel, one plastic)
placed to catch the drips coming in
around the chimney


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