an act of protecting

gibbus the cat
up 30 or so feet
into a maple tree outside my loft window
nest-hunting bird babies
while a robin dives at him
an act of protecting


a celebration for the 60 tomato plants
in the ground by my hands before 11am
which means all the tomatoes(six beds) are finally in


first marigold in north garden flower bed
(started from seed i’ve been saving since portland and san diego)
burst of deep maroon and saffron
ruffles unfurling


rubber boots
because there’s some serious mud in that cistern hole
but i stay up top anyway
learning the proportions for mixing
the surface bonding ingredients
(combining dry with dry
then adding the wet
like with baking)
(portland cement
dissolved salt – in water
and shreds of glass)


trish and i 10 feet down
dismantling scaffolding and
handing it up to darien
me at the very bottom of the chain means
every time i look up at someone,
sky as backdrop
(puffy bright white against deep bright blue)


metal collander full of strawberries
(of varying deepnesses and lightnesses of red)
set on butcher block
with the dinner spread


trish explains invisible work over dinner
as part of an impromptu conversation
about the cistern project,
other kinds of work
and gender


stan believes in its power mica says
of the earth tube that supposedly draws
berm-cooled air inside


i heard it last night too i say
of what sounds to be either
a distressed or in-heat cat noise
coming from somewhere in the woods


from the water world:

Students sit astride on a bamboo raft as they are ferried across a river on their way to Casili Elementary School for the first day of classes in Rodriguez, Rizal province, east of Manila, Philippines. 
– voice of america, day in photos

Participants splash water from their dragon boats as part of the celebration to mark the annual Tuen Ng or Dragon Boat Festival at Hong Kong’s Aberdeen. The festival is commemorated in memory of Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan, who drowned himself on the day in 277 B.C
. – voice of america, day in photos



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