a roof is enough

trailer full of sorghum starts
katherine and i squish into the empty spot
tyler driving the tractor and
morgan hitching a ride (on a seat facing backwards)
of the old tobacco transplanter
as we roll to field 3a east
in clothes we don’t mind getting
pond-scum stinky
from the starts that have been floating in
anaerobic water


mica and i laugh at the technical term she uses
(that grabby thing)
about the mechanism on the transplanter
where we place the sorghum starts
as it pinches closed
grabbing the baby cane leaves
before rotating downward
and dropping them into the furrowed ground


it’s kindof meditative katherine in clothes loaned from mica says
about the rhythm: pluck start with one hand
pass it to the other
and let it hover over the grabby thing until
the timing is just right


even a roof is enough
says trish in the chair
across from me


thermal envelope laird says
about places where the water/lines won’t freeze
(cistern talk) on the porch at lunch


caza who was born in february (not this but last
which makes her around 15 months)
walking from joAnn’s butter pecan to morgan’s twist
leaning in effortfully for a tiny lick


enough wind to pluck our hats off our hats
we lean over the trainbridge railing
(caza running up and down the diamond-tread steel)


smell of mustard seeds and cumin seeds
sizzling in thin oil on the cast iron


with two guests and three concrete-workers
(who began at 8 in the morning and didn’t stop
except for lunch)
it doesn’t take long until dinner
(vegetable potato masala
cooked and skillet sauteed garbanzo beans
blackberry peach cobbler
strawberries from the field
spinach salad)
is decimated


mica and i laughing about the word tabernacle
when what we were trying to get at
was synagogue


joAnn in clear-framed glasses
and i under porch xmas lights
following the line of conversation
which began at there are a lot of men here
and meandered through astrology and the anneagram and
introversion-extroversion and the matriarchal society in china
where, when asked what sex a 5-year old was
the mother says ‘i don’t know, i’ll have to check’
because it is that unimportant in that culture the next hour or two
(where there are mothers but no fathers, only uncles)
and empathy as the most important way of relating to other humans
and on

in a way that reminds me of a kitchen on cherry street
in green bay wisconsin
where bedtimes were often between 2 and 4 am
because there was always too much to make and too much to say


from the water world:

Kashmiri government employees demonstrate as riot police spray purple-dyed water during a protest march in Srinagar. Indian police detained dozens of government employees as they tried to stage a protest march demanding the regularisation of contractual jobs and an increase in salary. – voice of america, day in photos

Two men paddle in a canoe on a flooded road in Trysil, southeast Norway. Rain and melted snow have increased the water level in the river Trysilelva.
– voice of america, day in photos

A large crowd watches as lanterns float on the water after being released during a ceremony marking remembrance and reflection, held by Shinnyo-en Buddhists honoring victims of war, famine, and natural disasters on Memorial Day, at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu
. Picture: Hugh Gentry/REUTERS


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