a slow seeping

the sound of cinderblocks on wood
as we guide their sliding
down the makeshift 2×8 ramp
from ground level
to down in the hole


the chain looks like this:
darien, nathaniel and trish on ground
grinding the unevenness away
(block on block)
tyler and i in the hole
guiding the block-slide
and hauling them into stacks six high
a rhythm to morning sun sweat


i say it’s an ice cream kind of day down in the pit
and up above, trish says it’s a pond kind of day


cazadora (a human, not quite two years old)
reaching to pet granola (a cat in her final stages of life)


over dinner
an asking of what i was like then
(college days)
joAnn says she wore big pants – with patches
i learned a lot about veganism/animal rights
she carved a star into my ankle

and in response i mention
the ting ting jahe’s
and the opening of a world i hadn’t known
that was as simple as stepping into the asian market


wouldn’t you run out of things to write about
at a place like this morgan asks near the pond edge
and joAnn explains about listening and watching
the million shades of green
the sounds of the seasons
the feel of the air


sunset time
everly brothers drifting through the wall
dream, dream, dream, dream
when i want you in my arms
when i want you and all your charms
whenever i want you, all i have to do is
dream, dream, dream, dream


a sip of joAnn’s whiskey (or is it bourbon? or something else entirely?)
under the xmas lights on the front porch
the slow seeping of heat in my mouth/down my throat


i talk about what the evolution of the human brain might look like
specifically in reference to the space
that is taken up by all of our passwords
and what that space used to hold


from the water world:

The cracked-dry bed of the Almaden Reservoir in San Jose, Calif.Marcio Jose Sanchez AP

The United States is currently engulfed in one of the worst droughts in recent memory. More than 30% of the country experienced at least moderate drought as of last week’s data. In seven states drought conditions were so severe that each had more than half of its land area in severe drought. Severe drought is characterized by crop loss, frequent water shortages, and mandatory water use restrictions. – usa today

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 7.41.11 AM

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