under the possibility of falling

stan, walking up the drive
pulls granola’s medication out of his bag
says wanda [the vet’s assistant] says it’s time [to put her down]


tarp full of unripe apricots
at the base of the ladder june stands on
clippers in hand


butter melting on stovetop
while i mix oats, cinnamon, sugar, wheat, sorghum and a pinch of salt
(step 1 of three towards a rhubarb crisp)


forty five to sixty pounds
is what mica guesses
when i ask her the weight of
the 3 gallon bucket of sorghum
i hauled (hugging) from the sugar shack
to the white house

three mason jars
just washed (ting!) and one-quarter full of water
plus pink peonies
dark purple irises
white irises
dames rocket
bleeding hearts
eastern columbine

a double-long table in the orchard
covered in table cloths waiting

we form a chain
passing cinderblocks from hands to hands
off the flatbed and into a stack
on what used to be the horseradish beds

benches and blankets arranged in a circle
we settle for show and tell featuring (but not limited to)
barefoot tapdancing on grass
a three-piece  serenading (cello, accordion, guitar)
a flute/accordion klezmer piece
a miniature replica of a hand-made bow (as in bow and arrow)
a bug collection and butterfly/moth catching demo
a pair of antlers (one passed in one direction, one in the other)
a parable
a bike/heart grafitti-ing on a red pannier
a home-made calender and small story of may
several issues of the sandhill paper
a mini deck of cards from the new orleans worlds fair, 1984
earrings and rings made of deer bone
a hand carved honey press
a ceramic bowl and vase depicting black walnut
a small ornate bottle dug up from the landfill
a hand-made journal (paper from the copy machines at the library)
a song on a steel guitar
a framed letter with a painting and chinese characters that read something like so, this isn’t really the best but i’m just learning and here’s what it looks like and a photo of baby tyler with his other grandma


falling sleep in candlelight
with my hand on granola’s back

two rounds of three rings each
the bell at one am
a call to gather under the possibility of falling stars
with a spoonful of nixtamal ice cream
accompanied by that crumble stuff


from the water world:

Manjunath takes a bath inside a bucket in a slum in Mumbai

Four-year-old Manjunath takes a bath while sitting inside a bucket outside his house in a slum in Mumbai.
REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

A view of the ongoing construction of the Teles Pires hydroelectric dam in Paranaita
A view of the ongoing construction of the Teles Pires hydroelectric dam along the Teles Pires river on the border between the states of Mato Grosso and Para, in Paranaita. The dam is part of a project involving the construction of six dams to create a navigable waterway for the transportation of Brazil’s agricultural and mineral commodities from the interior of the country to the Atlantic Ocean.
REUTERS/Roosevelt Cassio

Screen shot 2014-05-24 at 12.02.21 PM
Paramedics carry an injured officer into a police ambulance following clashes with residents in San Bartolo Ameyalco, outside Mexico City. Residents are protesting about the installation of pipes to draw water from a well for surrounding areas which they believe will mean water shortages for the town.
– bbc, day in pictures



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