something like sungold

cement truck at the bend
in our gravel road
sending its cementy mix down the chute
while trish, robin, joe and tyler
spread it to settle and smooth
at the bottom of the hole


emory on his stepstool at the stove
waiting til the heat gets hot enough then
dropping potato slices into the pan
i’m making potato chips!


slicers and one cherry (tomatoes)
lowered into the holes we bore into moist soil
(tyler with a mattock and i with a trowel)
varieties include:
something like sungold but not hybrid
paul robeson
pink brandywine
german stripe
aunt ruby’s green
pink flag marking where one variety ends and another begins


was i just man-splaining trish asks
about her explanation of tubers being swollen roots
grub hoe with too short a handle in her hands
in the potato patch
which is less like a patch and more like a field


i bring out my beetles
(the ones i smashed in a frenzy the other night
because i couldn’t handle the buzzing)
so mica, darien and i
can give learn their names
(bug identification book and
smashed bugs under the halo of
the end table lamp)

mica brandishes two sharpies
for another knucle tattoo game of chance
and this is where it gets us:
mica: gold hail
darien: grow nest
me: bone wort


11something pm
barred owls calling
across the dark/still night


Riot police use water cannons and teargas to disperse people who were protesting the Soma mine disaster that killed 301 miners, in Istanbul, Turkey. A protester was seriously injured during clashes.
Picture: EMRAH GUREL/AP – the telegraph


Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 8.08.45 AM
Sydney is experiencing its hottest May on record, reaching the hottest week for this time of year in more than 150 years.
– bbc, day in pictures

A prisoner washes himself in the old wing of the Najayo prison which is being renovated in San Cristobal. – REUTERS/Ricardo Rojas


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