on the cross-legged bench outside karma
you are one of my people i tell trish
if you ever lost your copa spoon
i’d give you mine she says

we’re not quite sure which
but when this much dirt is being
dug up and out of the ground
perhaps the proper name doesn’t matter


the hole we call it
a suitable name for
the 20-foot deep
50-foot long
20-feet wide pit
in the southeast corner of the gardens

the phrase instantly appearing in our conversations
as if it’s always been there
(have you seen trish?
oh, she’s at the hole.)


five neon pink vinyl flags
on bent wire sticks
sprouting from brassica beds
marking leaks in the unfurled drip tape


sun on all the skin it can fall on
while water arcs from spout
rolling down shoulders and arms
first outdoor shower of the season


it’s cool down here i say
as in temperature-wise
(it’s pretty cool the other way too
emory says right?)
both of us barefoot
standing on exposed clay of 20 feet down
while looking up at the layers
black topsoil
red/brown sand/clay
gray clay
and all the gradients in between


9something pm sound:
accordion three doors down
tap of tyler’s typewriter through the wall
plus the buzz of bugs hurling themselves towards light
and in the distances: peepers and chorus frogs
and a third i can’t identify


from the water world:

World Champion Christian Sprenger of Australia swims during a swimming clinic session for children with special needs on the rooftop pool of the Marina Bay Sands resort hotel in Singapore.
– voice of america , day in photos

A flood-damaged Opel Astra lies in the mud in Topcic Polje. The flooding in the Balkans has forced half a million people out of their homes, the death toll is currently around 50. Picture: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic – the telegraph




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