pretend dance moves

winding through the subdivision
dad points out gold/brown patches on the
japanese yews
talks about how the cold winter
(several weeks in a row of below zero temperatures)
took a toll
though if there’s still some green, they’re not dead yet


mom buckles tap shoes
onto my wool-socked feet
and the pretend dance moves i do
on the checkerboard dance floor
arm motions included


the three of us walk along
swollen and swirling water
(muddy colored fox river)
not far from the train tracks
and downtown


kelly green accordion
(half size and busted)with a $25 tag on it
at the antique/consignment store
that you could wind through for an hour
and still not have seen everything


tiny plastic ramiken
containing one pink-orange cube of cantaloupe
for sampling


a marking of time
by what chain store/restaurant
was where and when


seems like we’re going backwards dad says
across from me at the table after dinner
where we talk about fracking
and gmo’s


some call it karma
some call it shithead
reads the online article
about the card game


this is the last card i say
as chris and mom and i make our way
halfway through the mad gab deck
laughing at how we sound like
an automated computer voice

from the water world:

A police water cannon is used against anti-government protesters in Soma, Turkey where the mine accident took place. Hundreds of protesters took part in the march against the government and there were clashes with the police forces
.- voice of america, day in photos



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