deep embodiment

leftover detail from yesterday:
emory shouting out
indigo bunting!
in – di – go bunnnting

(the type of the bird [dead] he found)
from up in the white pine tree


lunch prep rush
listening to the mountain goats
while peeling hardboiled eggs
to turn into salad with
home-made mayo
that never quite thickened

talking glowingly about wal-mart laird says
other words/phrases he uses include:
acoustically separated


deep embodiment
the subject line of an email
from stargazer li

creases in mauve futon couch cover
spell the word fly


rachel uses the word bucoloic
(the mowed lawn
darien sharpening a blade in the company of a cat
all the tools in the garden shed lined up)
and says our gardens are the best looking in the tri-communities


is that a bat i ask
about the winged thing and its erratic flight
(knowing its wings are most likely too long to for batdom)
it’s a whipporwill rachel says
they’re usually difficult to see


rachel says it’s a fencepost bird
yellow splashes (on head and chest)
it fits into my palm
claws curled
too gorgeous to let go of
too perfect to keep
i place it in a swirl of roadside grass
along the fenceline


hot pink horizon
swelling hotter and pinker
everytime we look back


from the water world:
A helicopter drops water on a burning hillside next to homes as firefighters battle the Bernardo Fire, north of San Diego, California, May 13, 2014. More than 20,000 homes and other residences were being evacuated in and around San Diego as a fast-moving, fire and county officials said. 
– voice of america, day in photos

Firefighters rest near a damaged Chinese owned shoe factory in Vietnam’s southern Binh Duong province. Foreign factories in industrial zones were set on fire and rampaged in an angry reaction to Chinese oil drilling in a part of the South China Sea claimed by Vietnam, official said.
– voice of america, day in photos


not water, but war:

A Syrian woman comforts her children after their house in the Sahour nieghborhood of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo was bombed.
– voice of america, day in photos




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