a big and everywhere sky

27-degree drop
between yesterday and today’s temperature
thermometer reads 53


cookshift soundtrack:
sinead o’connor (lion and the cobra)
peter gabriel

accompanies the pans of veggies oven-roasting
(red peppers, asparagus, snow peas)
and the chimichurri sauce in the food processor
and the sun-soy dressing in the blender
and the garbanzo beans on the stove


mica reporting back on the peter gabriel video:
it’s mostly claymation


heading south on M
orange-gold sun setting to our right
and hazy moon already out and almost above us on our left
a big and everywhere sky domed over us
and the missouri hills we roll through
layers of roundish and flattish clouds
pasted on grey backdrop
(silver on slate blue)
horizon molten
and all the color blooms out from there


damn jam tyler says
about the damson jam emory and simon made
and the ways they fought over it
including a punch in the gut


post-potluck pot of darien’s dandelion tea
warm and sweet on the stove
ladle handle jutting out between pot and lid
the color of coffee with too much cream


not sore i say about my body after yesterday’s
hoe-a-thon in the potato patch
but gripping is difficult i say
and mention the length of my forearm
joking about getting ripped


your next tattoo i say to trish
a blondie (non-chocolate brownie with chocolate chips)
with a banner that says
‘whatever feels good
moon so bright
even with an evening light on
it slips in through south window
and casts shadows on the north wall
just above where granola the cat curls
from the water world:
Buddhist devotees pour water on a sacred tree during a ceremony at the Shwedagon pagoda in Rangoon, Burma, on the full moon day of Kasone Festival to mark Buddha’s birthday in Rangoon.
– voice of america, day in photos
A water buffalo is splashed with water during the preparation for the Carabao (water buffalo) Festival in Pulilan town, Bulacan province, north of Manila, the Philippines
Picture: EPA/RITCHIE B. TONGO – the telegraph

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