haloed by gold haze

frog the color of the soil
in my cupped palm
discovered in the troweling of holes
to place cabbage starts in
south garden, bed 11, next to the walking onions


afternoon lightning veins
flashing overhead and to the north
against slate blue sky


mica and i laugh at yet another edging joke
(regarding how rutledge seems to always be
at the edges of the storms
rather than in the center)


frozen strawberries, bananas plus
yogurt and maple (and a dash of salt)
blended into a thickness and poured
into mason jar


emory and i on the leopold bench
spoon clinking in smoothie jar
beneath the juniper
trying to make sense of why we put animals down

can’t one of us put the needle in her he asks
i’d prefer the vet to do it i say
because he has lots of experience giving injections
and that way it will happen smoothly

why do we have to take her to the vet
can’t we shoot her he asks
i’d rather it be as quick/painless as possible i say

why do we have to kill her
why can’t we just let her walk off into the woods and die
he asks
some people do their best to make a choice
about, if an animal is really sick/uncomfortable/in a lot of pain,
when to keep them from suffering i say
and: she doesn’t seem to want to go outside these days

and then: if i were sick and knew i was dying and in a tremendous amount of pain
i would probably want someone to do the same for me
but it’s not legal for humans to do that for other humans i say only for animals
yeah, i’d probably want that too emory says

can i skin her he asks
no i say
why he asks
because i want to respect her body
in a certain kind of way


because we don’t know granola’s birthday
emory suggests celebrating it today
so we do:
he makes cat toys out of grass and roots
while i choose books for us to read to her
(two about cats and two about mice)
and snag three popcorn puffs from mica
(one of her favorite treats)

we also make her a card on a full sheet of paper
with fringe for edges
(because maybe she’ll like to play with it)
emory draws a frog and a mouse
while i draw little fish and a heart and a kernel of popcorn)


sardines mica says
(hide and seek where only one person hides
and all the others go looking
and when they find the hider, they hide with them)
so we (trish, emory, mica and i) play two rounds
piling up in tyler’s closet and under mica’s quilt
trying not to laugh/breathe in our hiding spots


sometime after sunset but before night-dark
a view of the swelling moon
haloed by gold haze overhead
while i plant snapdragons,
marigolds, dianthus, alyssum and dahlias

scent of snapdragons
(subtle and sweet)
as i lower rootbound starts
into ground


from the water world:

A man carries a girl as he walks along a flooded street in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Picture: REUTERS/China Daily



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