brought to you by the color green

in the dream, we see mountains from here for the first time in 15 years
(here: northeast missouri)
mountains that are apparently always there
but only visible on days when the weather/sky is right
snow pack shining on top
like something himalyan


8am jaunt home in sandals, jeanshorts and button up cotton shirt
under overcast sky
plus raincoat just in case

three miles (mostly gravel, some highway blacktop)
arriving in the kitchen 50 minutes later
fresh-faced and thirsty


dead dog in the ditch
preserved by winter
now rotting
i hold my breath while walking past
canine body shaped in curved-backwards ways


from a distance, visible
approaching, image comes into focus:
far: redspill on whiterock road
near: red/orange-coated soybeans
small spill from large scale agribusiness machinery

unnamed phenomenon: how fucked up things like this can look so beautiful
(unintentional location-specific installation)


found some good straight sticks emory whispers
for chopstick whittling
during thursday meeting check-ins


darien hands me a smoothed spoon
he carved from sweet birch
could be a good serving spoon he says
(this is the spoon he said i should have
because i pointed it out on the top of the haybale as we were walking away
that night a bunch of us walked to the train bridge)


i lick closed the envelope
just in time to hand it to the
mail carrier stopped at our box
so glad i caught you i say
it’s for mother’s day

aware of the pain of naming such a day here
i offer balm


cookshift kitchen lineup:
in processor: chimichurri sauce
in oven in this order: sheet tray of potatoes
trays of asparagus (tossed in olive oil)
pan of rhubarb crisp from a recipe heidi sent me way back in the late 1990s
on stovetop: kale-leek griddle cakes
in blender: tahini wild garlic dressing


it’s official trish says
swirling the spoon in the coconut oil gone liquid just by sitting there
it’s summertime


tonight‘s dinner is brought to you by
the color green and the smell of cafo’s
i say as we circle around the butcher block
philip glass still playing in the background


pre-sunset walk up on the slaters land
wind rippling across green-green paririe
and the thin cotton of my shirt
sun a silver spill through cloud hole
sky brilliant/textured/
so dramatic a storm seems only 5 minutes away


tell me how can poems restore this
Damaged buildings and rubble are seen in old Homs city, Syria. – voice of america, day in photos


from the water world:
Chinese soldiers endure jets of water as they wrestle with heavy logs during training in Jinan Picture: HAP/Quirky China News/REX
– the telegraph

Queen Mary 2 joins Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. Southampton is the only place in the world to have hosted the Three Queens three times. Three ‘royal’ luxury cruise liners sailed side-by-side to mark the 10th birthday of the flagship Queen Mary 2. Picture: REX/CUNARD –
the telegraph

Workers from the Royal Ontario Museum begin dissection of a 82 foot (24m) blue whale in Woody Point, Newfoundland. The whale is thought to be one of a group of blue whales that died several weeks ago in heavy ice off Newfoundland’s Western coast. It is now emitting an odour that’s hard to ignore. Picture: REUTERS/Greg Lock
e – the telegraph




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