carried on today’s air

6:30something a.m.
granloa-the-cat climbs up on pilllow
her rumbling body pressed
against my skull

brunch special:
scrambled eggs
corn cakes
morning potatoes
hollandaise sauce
creme fraiche
with a side of front-porch circle on
how community has influenced our lives


smoke from last night’s sweat fire
carried on today’s air


the biggest risk i ever took i said
was going to grad school


digging out dandelion roots and dead nettle
some of last night’s sweat songs surface:

earth my body
water my blood
air my breath and
fire my spirit

let go my mind
see what i find
bring it on home
to my people


facing south
sitting cross legged on the cross-legged bench
(the leopold bench with extra wide seat)
near karma woodpile
(one great thing about looking into the woods in spring
before everything has leafed out
is that one can still see a distance into them)
two grape hyacinth blooms and one white daffodil
in my hand


number of scabs on granola-the-cat’s (cancerous tissue) nose growth:
three and a half
all scratched open
fresh blood exposed

from the water world:

A trader attempts to extinguish fire with a bucket of water at the City Stadium open air market in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. – voice of america, day in photos

A swimmer splashes his face in between laps at a pool as the waves of the Pacific Ocean roll in during twilight at Sydney’s South Cronulla Beach, Australia.
– reuters/Jason Reed

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 8.27.24 AM
Racers go through freezing cold water as they take part in the Tough Mudder, a 12-mile (20km) gruelling assault course, in Oxfordshire, England.
– bbc, week in photos