the space of gazes

pan of mica’s blueberry peach cobbler
on the butcher block next to a
gallon jar of raw/organic milk
and a pitcher of coffee


2 1/4 hour travel east and north
animal count:
two wild pheasants
two dead cats
one dead deer
several smashed possums/raccoons


release party, i call it
a listening to tyler’s 36 minute demo
which includes a shirelle’s cover
and a dylan cover
heading north on i-27
he calls them a rough cut


what does that look like tyler asks
to look far into the future with someone?
while we cut through the brown field stubble

on either side of the highway
grass greening around it


i’ve done this before i say to corinne
about previous seamless farm-to-city transitions
but i wasn’t ready for this
(this being the milling around of spectators
the hello-how-are-yous, nice-to-meet-yous)
at a university art event
(gallery show/dance performances)

(from farm to highway to standing
with a square paper plate in my hand
(soda crackers, cheese slices, olives, strawberries, pineapple, one floret of broccoli with dip)
navigating the space of gazes


we joke in the cab of a sputtering truck
while entering the bromosphere
i’m not sure i could identify one i say
perhaps you can teach me the ways of broification
wait – i say, upon witnessing a dude (long shorts, flip flops, tshirt) in the crosswalk
carrying a case of bush (metallic blue silver glinting in sun)
is that a sign of something bro-ish going down?


corinne at the vandercook press
lavender ink rolling
under flourescent
she talks about how good haper and her are
to each other in this grad school thing


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