we go to where it’s warmest

i inquire about planting depth
for collard starts
but as soon as i kneel in
and drop the soilblock in the dug-open hole
surrounded by nest mulch
the body-memory returns

the rhythm:
make nests in mulch about 15″ apart (staggered, 2 rows per bed)
weed dandelions and dead nettle out with hori horis or digging fork
drop one start per nest
dig out hole in nest (big enough for block to drop into)
remove extra plants from soil block so only one remains (the strongest biggest)
surround/cover with a handful of compost
press dirt around plant back down with palms of hands
water in

clothes tucked in the partings of trunk and limb
on a not-yet-blossoming apple tree
emory and i count to three
before running down slipper mud/clay
into water so cool
bystanders claim i squealed
(emory’s right though,
it gets warmer each time)


we go to where it’s warmest
plates/bowls (dinner) in our hands
plopped down on the whitehouse-leaning pummy pile
trish, mica and i (eventually joined by darien and tyler)
eat and indulge in the day’s last dose of sunspill


rock road stones
under the thin soles
of barefoot-style running shoes
during a sunset excursion
(a walking and thinking kind of thing
move the body, and the brain cogs move too)

IMG_2453 IMG_2455 IMG_2458

8-minute abs at 8:08 we joke
around the black-walnut chocolate chip blondies
cooling on the butcher block
8 minute abs at 8:18


cosmic abs tyler calls it
in reference to doing abs in the office the lantern light
instead of under the horrible overhead
and then there’s emory
dancing up on the desk
above us (us back-lying on the floor)
shaking his butt and laughing at his shadow
which means fits of laughter so hard
we miss some repetitions of
cross arm/foot to foot/arm reaching crunches


your life is so different than mine now
corinne says from iowa city
(approaching her master in arts installation/show
after an eviction/relocation)
in response to my three-sentence report about how i am/what’s going on
which sounded something like:
it was my first day in the pond this season –
emory and i went together and then climbed
the apple trees naked.
i laughed a lot (really good laughter) yesterday
and after dinner, we all made shrinky dinks.
spring is so good, it’s back-in-the-gardens season
and that feels so good to me/my body.

from the water world:
Indian Hindu devotees walk through a dust storm after taking a holy dip at the Sangam, the confluence of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati, in Allahabad.  – voice of america, day in photos





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