when the redness rusts

(less today and more last night
but perhaps most likely sometime in between) :

the first umbra
moves in across the moon (full)
while i warm at the stove in the greenhouse
and step out, every 10 or 15 minutes or so
to see the moon/sky change
how the energy around me changes
as the light fades
once the redness rusts (2:30ish a.m.)
i retreat to sleep
(bloodmoon on a 23 degree night)
how a big part of the magic
was not the moon at all
but the spray of stars revealed
in its veiling


clipping cotyledons
off the singed brassica starts
in the greenhouse
(still stovewarmed at 9am)
with red-handled scissors


jesse holds acetate stencil
up to greenhouse wall
while i sponge on
the red clay/mud

a name for the delight of
an end-of-the-liner
finding there are still chai-spiced mini cupcakes
and mexican hot chocolate cookies
awaiting in the potluck kitchen


mica on upstairs karma couch
as tyler starts asking about missouri
says something like
is it political? i don’t know anything about politics
which may be true in some ways
but is mostly hilarious because of
the untrueness of it
and then, more hilarity
when she says
(as if to say more, but gets cut off here)
i read part of a book once…
and maybe none of this even translates
but the laughter that unfolded
is what it’s about


the crackle of fire
in the stove along with
the glub-bubbling
carboy in the closet
tyler’s latest
brewing for sandhill’s 40th anniversary/mayday


we sing-yell
baaa bahh black sheep
have you any wool
with emory

in the toyota truckbed
cruising south on highway M
under a blushing sky

from the water world:

An Iraqi boy jumps off the back of a buffalo into the water in the city of Najaf
Picture: HAIDAR HAMDANI/AFP/Getty Images – telegraph

Michigan rivers are over their banks after three days of storms dropped as much of 5.5 inches of rain, forcing some flood plain residents from their homes. This man evacuated on April 14 after the waters flooded his home.
Photo: AP – the hindu



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