in anticipation of forsythia

in anticipation of forsythia
i think yellow
i think leaning porch of a peeling house that looked like a ship that ordered and assembled from a sears catalogue
(the house, not the ship) sometime in the early 1900s


the sound of drills
in the greenhouse as we undo the
(i’m sure there’s a technical name for this)
wood slats that held the roof-plastic
in place
and the sound of screws landing
one by one
in a red plastic container


zoe steps into the space
around the butcher block
left by a calling into question
of the word queer
after the arrow lands close to home


not sting, but a pink warmth stored in the skin of my shoulders/neck
from yesterday’s 3-hour almost-april afternoon
sleeveless in the wind/sun


strategizing meeting re: dog training
gathered around butcher block
followed by a session on the porch
where we practice commands


wherein mica becomes sandhill newspaper’s
first intern

10:34 pm
moth-count on night-lit loft window: 24


from the water world:

Turkish riot police use water cannon to disperse demonstrators protesting outside the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK) in Ankara against local election results which the Islamic-rooted party of Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed sweeping victories. – voice of america, day in photos

A Balinese girl, right, tries to avoid a kiss from another during the “Omed Omedan” kissing festival in Bali, Indonesia. Locals believe the festival ensures the good health of those taking part and prevents bad luck hitting the village. During the festival, village priests dump buckets of water over couples to douse their passions.  – voice of america, day in photos

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 11.05.36 PM
A woman cleans a fish on the streets of the Mare slums complex, one day after its occupation in Rio de Janeiro. Security forces staged a massive operation to move into the shantytowns as part of a campaign to clean up the Brazilian city ahead of the football World Cup. – bbc, day in photos

Farmer Gavin White, tends his crop in the south west of England. He has created the world’s first Guinness flavoured potatoes, in a project sponsored by Burts Potato Chips – the telegraph, pictures of the day

Free Syrian Army fighters row a makeshift raft in the sea near the Armenian Christian town of Kasab. –


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