six red tickets

rainwet morning
how the moisture turns the wood in the stacks more orangey
brings out the yellows and browns in the winter gray
infuses the air with a balm
and brings me home (pacific northwest)

how much mica and i
both appreciate the fact that
her thera-putty (green)
matches my puffy vest (green)
neither of us say so
until after the fact


candy thermometer clipped to dutch oven
so that the oil doesn’t rise past 350°
while i drop batches of breaded rings of onion
in to sizzle and bob


cookshift playlist:
pj harvey (two albums: white chalk
let england shake)
timmy straw
perfume genius
nina simone


six red tickets on the cutting board
placed by stan
for the admittance to tonight’s big thing:
renay’s debut in the memphis high school play
one mad night


the taste of tic tacs on our tongues
as we whip around corners and
cruise over bridges
something about that sweet/vanilla before the mint hits
reminds me of childhood i say to trish who says
i would entertain myself for hours
filling those containers with water and
drinking out of them


this is definitely going into the details
trish says as we unpack ourselves from zoe’s minivan
though i can’t remember now what she was referring to
(perhaps the mini plume of smoke/dust
that rose from the pearl magnets
when they slammed together)


a single rumble of thunder
i say at the concession stand
where trish and i each put in a dollar
and walk away with starburst and rolos


offering trish the last chocolate-caramel delight
in the seats gigi saved with homemade reserved signs
printed on once-used paper
solo rolo? i say
from the water world:

A squash seller transports his wares to market in Fafamau village near Allahabad, India Picture: SANJAY KANOJIA/AFP

Riot police officers scuffle with visually-impaired protesters, threatening to set themselves on fire during a protest against a hiring freeze in the public sector, blocking a main street in Rabat, Morocco. – reuters

Oil spill response crews remove oil absorbent material placed on the beach between Stewart Beach and East Beach in Galveston, Texas. The material was placed on the stretch of beach as a precaution as cleanup continues after 168,000 gallons of heavy fuel oil spilled in to Galveston Bay. – the hindu

The muddied waters of the dammed North Fork Stillaguamish River mix with the cleaner South Fork flow in Arlington within Snohomish County, Washington. At least 25 people are known to have died when a colossal mudslide occurred unleashing a wall of earth that destroyed dozens of homes. – the hindu


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