the fields that flame took

sometimes the law of the trainbridge
is to wait until you can no longer stand it
(because of the cold, usually, or sometimes the boredom)
and then, after you decide upon leaving
and are headed somewhere else
you hear that whistle and rumble in the distance
rolling closer


it’s a swirl from zimmermans
not a blizzard from d.q.
which seems very important
in the interest of not letting one’s expectations
get in the way of joy


candy shell coating clicks against candy shell coating
one reese’s pieces jostled against another against another
inside a white paper bag
marked 1.98 per pound in ball point


the black of burn
and trish, emory and i walking through it
(the fields that flame took
in a controlled-burn kind of way)

how the other day
may said
something about wanting to watch it all go up
it (the fire)  she said moves in a line, always

each decision leaning on the other
i say (thinking of dominoes in a circle)
about the should-i-stay-or-should-i-go uncertainties
of a little ruckus show in kirksville


spooky is the word i use
though i think i meant spirited
as mica holds the karma door for me post-dinner
describing the wind and the way it moves through/around us
stirring energy up from pockets of stillness

linus shows me the shiny smashed penny
(with the wind and the curve that the train comes around
there wasn’t much time between us on the tracks
and the train)
and i tell  him about granola’s crooked tail

from the water world:

Oil spill response contractors clean up crude oil on a beach after a BP oil spill on Lake Michigan in Whiting, Indiana.

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 12.06.53 AM
A man removes stones from the river as he pans for gold in Lampang, Thailand. Villagers from Wang Nuea look for gold in the river every year during the drought season. They make about $15 (£9) per day. – bbc news, day in photos

People fish on a pier at the port of Mariupol, located on the north of the Sea of Azov in eastern Ukraine. – voice of america, day in photos

Palestinian fishermen inspect their destroyed fishing boat close to the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah. Two Palestinians were wounded when Israeli navy vessels destroyed two Gaza-bound boats smuggling cigarettes and tobacco from Egypt. Picture: SAID KHATIB/AFP