quarter moon

sky still dark
quarter moon hanging in just the right patch of window
that i can trace its arc
across the night/morning sky

tyler at the karma table
plucking tiny pepper plants from a flat of compost
and transplanting into soil blocks

swirling around in afternoon sun
and yes, it is almost the end of march


emory in his new glow-in-the-dark dinosaur shirt
dumps the crumpled white paper bag of birthday party candy
on the kitchen table
you can have two he says
as we chew the starburst together
and then
offers another
so we chew the same flavor at the same time as it changes
and then offers another
and by the time we get to the tootsie rolls
which he also calls a jawbreaker
i tell him i’ve hit my limit


dancing rabbit potluck delights:
deviled eggs (that’s not paprika sprinkled on top, that’s cajun seasoning)
date bars (made with bad dates, hey – i’ve been on a few of those)


a pathway
from the chair to the television
and a pathway cleared
for walking into the room
is how they both describe
the state of their parents or parent-in-laws houses


linus in the back
carseat in the middle
hand held over eyes
on the ride home

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