chasing fire

in teams of two and sometimes more
we work the wiggle wire into the C-channel
and though i’ve never been to a barn raising,
the way it felt to see that gigantic sheet of plastic
pulled over the metal frame
might correspond


the booth can be anywhere you want mica and trish agree
about the magic of the photobooth app
turns out, for this round,
the booth is on the couch
where kris, mica, trish and i
crowd into the frame
laughing so hard sometimes it hurts


scribbling notes from the men and feminism book on the pinkplum futon couch
i star the part that talks about how
domestic violence and sexual assault become special women’s issues
which leaves men entirely out of the picture
a transferring of accountbility


1/4 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup popcorn1/4 cup sugar (i feel bad using this i say
pointing out the ‘for kombucha only’ label on the container)
and a teaspoon of salt
first attempt at kettle corn
which, minus some of the not burnt but not unburnt pieces,
turns out delicious
(there’s room on the couch mica says
patting the spot between her and tyler
which is where i seat
with the metal bowl we snack out of)


linus, 2 almost 3,
in his yellow jacket and eared hat
delivering kettle corn
piece by piece
to casey


orange-pink light
but not just light
a glow
rising from the horizon
so striking it is a kind of presence
at first, i think moonrise
but i have never seen a moonrise like thatespecially over the northeast horizon
but then i remember the email
about the 40-acre burn and
mica suggests we get in the car to get close
so we (plus tyler) do

by the time we arrive
(driving through the dizzying effect of
snow in the high beams)
i joke about tailgating
we arrive in time for what remains:
humans standing guard in the dark at the fenced edge
patches of ground embers (nests of orang glow)
sprayed out by the volunteer firefighters
navigating with floodlight
though in the distance we spot another
bright burning
and we move towards it

laughing about how highschool it all feels
like doing a scoping-it-out driveby
under the cover of night
firechasing further east
and though there is adventure in the new gravel road we take
(past the dairy and across the tracks)
we were not meant to meet fire tonight

on the return-ride
tyler tells us about the email his dad just sent
about the 5 fridays, 5 saturdays and 5 sundays that august has
and the name that goes along with it

the final note:
passing the parade of volunteer fire trucks heading back to town
in the opposite direction
a kind of highway hi-five

from the water world:

Dozens of ships are in evolved in clean-up efforts to remove oil that spilled into Galveston Bay after a ship and barge collided near the Texas City dike. Photo: AP – the hindu

A house is seen destroyed after a giant landslide occurred near mile marker in Washington. At least six homes have been washed away, with three people reported dead so far and at least eighteen missing. Photo: AP – the hindu

An aerial view of the mudslide and subsequent backup of the Stillaguamish river between Darrington and Arlington, Washington. – the telegraph

A donkey belonging to an Afghan refugee family whose mud house was destroyed by the Capital Development Authority for being built on illegal lands, shelters itself from rain under a wooden-cart in a slum on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan. – voice of america, day in photos

Volunteers carry the body of a youth after a boat carrying mostly Congolese refugees returning home capsized at the shores of Lake Albert in Ntoroko district in Western Uganda. Hundreds are feared dead.  – reuters

Police use a water cannon to disperse a demonstrator during a protest against a trade pact with mainland China, near Taiwan’s government headquarters in Taipei, March 24, 2014.  – reuters