until no night

8-something a.m.
the dragonpuppet store on the whitehouse couch
open for business

several times i notice(in the greenhouse
on the couch in look-far
under a big dipper and part-moon/part-cloud sky)
the absolute stillness
of this windless day
how i savor it
knowing how the months ahead
will lure the cicadas in
until no night is quiet


puzzle pieceing wooden flats of brassica starts
on scraps of plastic
tucked together with tape
and pressed up to the light
of a southfacing window


tim’s growler bottle of jun
(like kombucha, but made with green tea and honey)
on the table
fridge-cold and almost clear
light and smooth we say
something like white wine
the way it makes trish think she shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car
and the way its clear cold hits my bones