freud’s laptop

at some point we begin to laugh about the difference between a photographer who would say oh, stand in front of that, i need to get a shot of in that light and a photographer who takes one picture a week

vistas i call them viewpoints
well, you’re the writer here he says

what drives you, like the perfect shot drives the ‘real’ photographer?

taking the leash signs as a clue, we follow a path to a lookout point from where i say look! you can see the mountainy things and the ocean at the same time the sky opens and closes sending sun down in patches to illuminate what was once a river valley – now a string of malls, now land dug away at in tiers and bordered by yellow machines, now a highway


my laptop is from 2008 which is nearly ancient in computer years honna says from carbondale illinois and we can’t tell whose machine it is, but our faces our being impressionistic-ized/pixelated, our sound coming in and out, our faces frozen in motion

and somehow the joke of the night is that honna is actually on freud’s computer.
and i am on ceasar’s (since mine is older… 2007).
i bet ‘buttsex’ was the name of freud’s hard drive i say
and ceasar’s screensaver would be an image of a calendar with the 15th of march circled frantically
i wonder if people would pay extra money (or less, i guess, depending on who they were) honna says if i listed my computer (while selling it) as freud’s computer
and then put in very tiny text at the bottom of the ad that this is just a skype joke between my friend frannie and i

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