glowing green

the downside: i didn’t get any work done today towards the already overdue (by 8 weeks or so) paper/project
the upside: the smell of rain in the streets, the way the houses in the neighborhood look a little more familiar under a grey sky and with yards/plants glowing green and wet, the smiles and spanish at the city heights farmers market, lenore’s walked-out sprawled body on the hardwood floor, watching the cloud roll in so that our house, the street, the city is in it, waiting for the 7 under the bridge that connects the cactus garden to the prado water fountain, the film that – if watching it didn’t make you cry, listening to the humans in the audience afterwords would, the film that reveals (amongst a million things about rape in the u.s. military) how the u.s. military considers rape an occupational hazard, wiping fog off the inside of a bus window on the ride home (north, then east) where kaya says what bums her out about being sick: i just wanna party

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