in progress

i questioned whether or not to post this sneak peek (since it is not fully formed, but close). it’s about completion/progress. i’d rather not reveal until complete, but i want the satisfaction of saying look what i did bad enough that i’m willing to post this in its underconstruction-ness. (it’s like deciding it’s ok to sit down and eat even though all the dishes from cooking the meal aren’t clean yet.) so welcome, welcome to my dishpiled sink. don’t worry about that mess, though, just feast.

more to come, but the back story is that i turned this poem into a zine and then took it on tour last¬† summer. while it was delightful to share the poem in different places, what was even more delightful was passing out notecards to the people in the audience and asking them to contribute their own sentence, phrase or paragraph addressed to every human in the world (suggested by the phrase dear beloveds) and this sneak peek is dedicated to sharing what i collected along the way.¬† hopefully, it will also be a place to gather new contributions (don’t be shy, ya’ll). scanning each card in separately and posting each one separately is laborious, so i don’t know when i’ll get every single contribution up and when i’ll start and complete the ‘about’ page, but hopefully i will. (anyone out there wanna be my personal assistant? )

that tour page is also in progress of slowly being caught up on. ah, the affliction of the obsessive documentarian.

speaking of documentaries, liz and i went to this film tonight as part of the human rights watch film festival at the museum of photographic arts in balboa park. if you ever get a chance to see it, you must. (uganda, where a bill is in the works that will punish homosexuality by hanging. it is not only uganda though, take a look at lgbtqi rights by country/territory here.)

may the stars cast their glitterdust down onto the crown of your head. may you be safe and alive. may you be shaken nearly out of your body by some kind of sharp and radiant beauty today.