in light like this

there is the frustrated and pissed off cleaning
and there is the grounded deepbreath kind of cleaning
i tell jen leaning against the counter
this was the grounded kind
slow and methodic
channeling solé and dezi
who have taught me
one kind way to be a guest
is to leave the space cleaner than you found it
and do so
with deep breaths


a day for flinging doors and windows open
to allow the heat to enter
the smell is reminiscent of portland spring
the body learns to let go in light like this


empty house at sunset
i face west on the couch
while the sky oranges, pinks, and golds against blue
without getting up to turn on a light until the entire room is dark
the satisfaction of watching/waiting/not moving

(it was not an uncommon occurrence as a kid/young adult for my mom or sister to walk by my room as the sun was dipping down and say something to me about turning on the light/hurting my eyes in the halfdark [quite often i was reading] and flipping the light on for me. part of the game/pleasure was to /operate/see for long as i could before giving in to the lightswitch.)