where we are and where we are headed

corn bread with cracklin
and corn bread without
black eyed peas simmering in sauce
chiffonading the collards
cubing the sweet potatoes
and frying the eggs two at a time


matilda takes us to the creek
it is dark but we rely on the single beam of a headlamp and sound
her boots on the pavement make me think of the legend of sleepy hollow
and i like how she ran after us
because it feels like a yes that really means yes

just pickin up some cans
she says
to the cop
who asks what we’re doing
because no one really walks this road at night

dog barks
create an audio map
of where we were and where we are headed

on the first eve of the new calendar year
the three of us
bypass a slowdance party
for staying in
to dress up
and bake sorghum/molasses pie

matilda shows us
how to squeeze one pecans against another in your palm
to crack one open
and so we do this
until our palms feel bruised
and we draw tiny bits of blood
while the pies are cooling
we laugh at the folded over
humpty dumpty and his crew talking in code


somewhere in here
is a 19month old
by the name of roscoe
looking out the kitchen window
for the moo cow