becomes sound

when we do the math
while sipping horchata
(it’s basically dumpstered
kaya says)
at cojita’s
jen says
that i don’t have to worry about the numbers
i can just look off into the distance
and think of something else


we talk about our garden day
scheduled for october 27th
(wherein we essentially rip out our garden
and drag the trash to the dump with a u-haul)
i almost cry
(unsure if it makes more sense to say
i took care of it
or it took care of me
or if it was a mutual thing.)


from the water world:

A man empties a bucket of muddy water from his home after a flash flood in Villanueva del Rosario, Spain. –day in photos, usa today

kaya calls over her shoulder
you don’t have to brake going down this hill
as we approach boundary street
i brake anyway
just a little bit

the air
(which has finally cooled
and washes into my window)
becomes sound
(train whistles howling)


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