flood and fire

the day begins
with a heavy hammer
able body
bottle of water
baseball cap
strips of reclaimed gymnasium floor
(i’ve got the 3-point line!)
balanced on sawhorse and ground as assistant
booted feet as counterweight
ripping rusted screw-nails
i put my back into it


Pakistani children play cricket in the monsoon rain in Karachi. At least 78 people have died and dozens more injured in torrential rains and flash floods that have wreaked havoc in Pakistan over the past three days. – NY Post, day in photos


Firefighters, soldiers and volunteers try to extinguish a wild fire in a rural zone nearby Quito, Ecuador. Quito’s mayor Augusto Barrera declared the state of emergency after near 3,000 acres of urban and rural woodland have been affected by some 2,000 wild fires. – NY post, day in photos



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