something suggesting openness, possibility


wherein the headfog is so thick
i hand the person at the counter
a hundred dollar bill (rent money given to me)
without realizing it until
i am handed multiple 20’s in change


and then you handed me your sunglasses so i might do away with my hand-as-visor
and then you said it’s so you about the way i talk/ask questions, which is all co-counseling’s fault
and then i laugh for a long time not quite understanding what you’re saying at first and not sure if my offerings are useful
and before that you offered your strawberry shake, should i want to dip the fries in it
and after that we noticed everyone was sun-bathing on the green patch around us as if just beyond the treeline was the ocean
which it isn’t because the treeline is east and the ocean is behind us but not forgotten
and if i did tai chai, i’d love to come out here to do it
facing the mountainy/hilly things in the distance
framed by the dip in the treeline
all of which makes this city
look more like other cities i’ve known
and less like sandy eggo


the zinemobile parked outside the tofu bloc
and already
over house dinner
the cross-pollination has begun
(between trading stories about where we grew up
and what kind of foods each of us ate as a kid)
already, the subtexts
beneath the shows and events in other places
we are all getting to know each other
in my own kitchen


now that i come to think of it
most tauri’s i’ve met
i’m pretty sure i already know
from other lifetimes


behavior is the word for when the kids ‘go off’
and eloping is for when they run away
william explains the language of the workplace
that brings groups of kids on the autism spectrum
into local public places on daily field trips

i remember how ami
crossed out the brand name (health valley)
on the fruit leather box
and scribbled in pen over it death valley
it was so sit-com
i say
the mom gets all healthkick about everything
and the entire family loses it

11pm waterwalk
the sound of orange shoes on concrete
the smell of nightbloomers and something like vetiver
arter rounding the corner
and the light of the moon
small spill of stars poked into sky
something suggesting openness,



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