to a very specific floridian trio
and to the very general residents of the gulf coast
i offer my voice as buoy
in a time of rising water
(the lioness’s turbulence
at the forced eviction from her cub’s side
rips across the state
tornadoing a path
for the floods to follow)
a satellite carries wishes of buoyancy and light
because one can always use light


one hour after repairing too-old running shoes
with gorilla glue
i hit balboa park
and midway through
i run past cops
who amble out of their squad car
calling after me
on the rock/dust trails
there’s a naked man out there
i hold up the ok sign in my left hand
without turning around
and call out thanks
which didn’t really sound like
oh, thanks for helping me!
but more like
uhhh. thanks (not really), for absolutely nothing.
but in the end
when i take them out of their uniforms
and disassociate them from the guns in their holsters
and the cuffs hung from their belt loops
and the way their badges/squad cars automatically insinuate my(and other’s) guilt
i guess it is helpful
to have a heads up
which at least removes the shock value
as i round the corner
no naked man in sight
though i did see a guy with his shirt off
if that’s what they meant by naked man
in which case
i think it would be hilarious
if cops took it upon themselves
to warn upstanding(ish?) citizens
when they might be approaching a naked (shirtless) man
but what i’m trying to get at here is
the thought i had
while rounding the path curve
he’s probably less of a danger to me
than you (cops) are


it always gets good
when we bring the toothbrushes out
i exclaim
about the house meeting
because there is something hilarious and wild
and pleasing
about presenting the glass jar
blooming with bristled brushes
and thinning out the ones that none of us can claim


rachel in black sequins and red/black fishnet
offers solidarity
and a proposal
for taking public places
en sequinned/fishnetted masse


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