thrum of humming

post-fever glassy eyes
and unsure knees
first stop:
deadheading bachelors buttons and sunflowers
before bouquet-making
(nasturtiums included)
thrum of hummingbird wings above

william rolling out tortilla dough
on kitchen table
some time after i arrange
tiny bottle window-ledge bouquets


while joking about the phenomenon
of balls hanging off of truck trailer hitches
the four of us imagine some guy who’s just
all about balls
which includes
walking around with meditation balls constantly in his hand
and maybe even
getting a pair of balls tattooed on his actual balls
if you wanna get that meta about it
which we apparently did
we joked about other more tasteful and intelligent things also
but really, it’s not even what we were joking about,
it’s how hard we laughed
and how often

i have to read the following caption outloud
Egypt’s ex-President Hosni Mubarak has been jailed for life over the killing of demonstrators last year. Crowds gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest against the verdicts, and protests were also held in Egypt’s second city Alexandria, Suez and Mansoura.

because it is difficult to believe such grief for a leader/murderer they’ve never met
(in the photo, four figures hold their heads in their hands. grieving like one might grieve a relative they lost in the demonstrations)


day 13 of miner’s wildcat strike in asturias, spain
hold strong and fast
righteous fighters
and all those struggling in alliance with you


one summer i lived in a shed in a backyard
it was close to the train tracks and the engine roar/the whistles howled through my sleep
mornings, the scrub jays dove and caw/screeched into the yard
they had a mean sound and demeanor
(it was common to see them dive-bomb other birds)
on work mornings, i set the alarm on my boombox
in which a patty griffin cd sat
if i laid in bed long enough
i made it to this song
which is difficult to listen to without feeling anything
which is another way of saying
safe/smooth journeys to you