the communist manifesto


The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property. -Karl Marx

(all words taken from the communist manifesto)

exorcise this
a haunting
hurled back against holy
fight large or in the common ruin
exchange a rising
an impulse spectre
we find history
an arrangement
of rapid reconstitution

meantime markets
between naked and man
steam corresponding counterpoise
in the asunder of
immense extension
worth cornerstone exchange

converted awe
put in the shade
cathedrals and crusades
found their fitting
in national nestle
fast-frozen complement
before we ossify
a world halo arises
over profaned agitation
remotest raw
disclosed modes of everlasting sober

remain possible
your reproach is just what we intend
to act as a machine wrangling us asunder
the (w)hole of this shall have associations of coming catastrophe
succumb to the hateful upstart
remain possible
even in the domain of old cries
rally the alms-bag
the banner now antiquated
cut up root and branch and upbraid
beet root sugar
potato spirits
barter truth and wool




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