14,600 days

gigantic cast iron of vegetables
(including huge garden collards)
sauteeing on stove
pots in a sink-pile
garden cilantro under my knife
i listen to herman wallace (one third of the angola three)
who has endured 14,600 days (forty years)
of solitary confinement
(is enduring)
at angola prison
describe a house for him to live in in his mind:

In the front of the house, I have three squares of gardens. The gardens are the easiest for me to imagine, and I can see they would be certain to be full of gardenias, carnations and tulips. This is of the utmost importance. I would like for guests to be able to smile and walk through flowers all year long. On the wall shared with the kitchen is the wall of revolutionary fame. I would like to see three to five portraits with these revolutionaries, such as Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, John Brown and, of course, Harriet Tubman. Into the upstairs master bedroom, there is a king-size bed, African art and mirrored ceilings. There is a door leading from the master bedroom to the master bathroom, with a six-foot-by-nine-foot hot tub. The cell I presently live in is but six feet by eight feet.


6 by 9 by 12
robert king (another third of the angola three) says
you have to acclimate to short distances