21st century remix

point me towards the vastness

lead sinkers knotted onto sentences
cast out over a still lake
reel spinning

deer are dangerous to vehicles
someone says


last time we talked
you were sorting through your late grandma’s things
in a huge minnesota house
and now it’s marti’s near-mansion
where you disassemble her library and sleep alone
no longer a human in a body

just moon matter


twelve metric tons of radioactive water
leaked from fukushima power plant
with possible passage into pacific
there is a word for the ocean and i


government gave schoolgirls grenades
pulled pins at the side of the road chose
suicide over being taken prisoner

riot vehicle in santiago on fire for change
in the public education system

tents and shopping carts lined up along i-5 ramps
rippling in wind


when sources of light dim out we resort
to other ways of gathering information

meanwhile another tibetan buddhist monk has set himself
on fire to protest chinese rule over tibet,
at least twenty tibetan monks have set themselves on fire
over the past year


one hundred thousand gathered in athens
one way the austerity measures look
is this: you can’t tell the clients (at the shelters)
from the volunteers

when no human must die from the system failing them
that is dignity
she says
that is just


lakota bodies as blockades
to prevent tarsands pipeline trucks from entering
trucks whose drivers claimed they had
corporate rights that supersede any other law

in our days we will live
like our ghosts will live


images of cops arresting protestors
of the election of vladimir putin
next to images of putin supporters
celebrating with banners and signs
a real which side are you on boys


how the sheer numbers
loan themselves to litanization
kendrec mcdade
trayvon martin
shaima alawadi
kenneth chamberlain sr.
when ethnicity marks bodies as human trash
when death turns a name
into a poem

(i might do better
than ride like the wind, dear beloved,
i might become it)